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May 29, 2006


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The Ez

Where you angry when Ben & Mena named their dog Maddy?


Um, no?

If they'd stolen my little boy cat, dressed him up in a girly dog costume, and taught him how to bark... that'd be another story!

The Ez

That would be weird, yeah.

I just thought it was a remarkable coincidence.


Maybe my years of being on the forums with the name maddy sunk into someone's subconscious?

I'd always thought I'd call my hypothetical girl child Maddy (my middle name is Madelene), but after 7 years of calling my cat by that name, I'm thinking not! :-)

Perhaps Maddy the cat should start his own vox weblog, like Maddy the dog? He had one once, but alas seemed as likely to update frequently as me. Another remarkable coincidence. ;-)

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