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Jul 11, 2006


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Witold Riedel

i have been obsessed with animal crossing for more than a week now (or was it two?) i got the ds lite for my girlfriend amy too and we visit each other's towns in animal crossing. i also got a ds lite for my mom in germany and she loves that brainage game.
if you can spare some money... that new ds lite is really a wonderful little machine. and i really like animal crossing... (though i do have a nintendog called goldie too, and i walk her every day.) : )


I *really* want one too! Actually, I want two, so E and me can play together. What do you think, wouldn't that be a great anniversary present for each other? :giggle:

And you have comments off on your newest post but I think those album covers are beautiful! Makes me want to listen to them, for sure! :)


Oops, didn't realise about the comments - I have major browser issues (aside from having to switch from Opera to IE to post at all), and it was mission enough to get the thing from draft to published!

Sounds like a great gift idea to me! :-)

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