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Sep 30, 2006


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Jack Yan

I certainly don’t like surprises!


Hope you have a good birthday!


I'm sure I will, Lilia! The next one rolls around in August, 2007. I'll be 31. I wonder if by then I'll have adjusted to no longer being a 20-something? And if I have any friends left then, will they dare throw me a suprise party? I'm thinking now! :-)

Jack Yan

I am 34 and I haven’t adjusted. The gf turns 31 tomorrow. I think we’ll both mentally be 19 forever.


The year I turned 19, I was a student at the University of Canterbury. I imagine the day of my birthday I had an eight AM math lecture, and still imagined I wanted to be an economist. Yeah, I think I'll give repeating that one a miss.

For most of my 28th year, I would inadvertently tell people I was 29. I still have that urge (well, as much as I want to tell anyone my age).

Happy birthday to your girlfriend, from a complete stranger!

Jack Yan

Thank you, Sarah! She is travelling in Spain right now—I will be calling Sunday night and she had better not be hung over! My memorable birthday was my 30th: I didn’t have a big party, but there was a big dance on at the Duxton Hotel. I had a beautiful date and I found out that evening she was 19 (she looked older).


Hehe. I'm not going to ask what part of that experience was more memorable! ;-)

My favourite birthday party, I can't even remember how old I was. I'm thinking 11 or 12? We dressed up like Madonna in her "Like A Virgin" days, resplendent in lace gloves and beads, and supped on chocolate and coconut covered marshmallows.

Jack Yan

My best party was still my 6th—at the newly opened Courtenay Place McDonald’s. I still have the sticker and the original free-hamburger coupon from 1978!

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