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Sep 29, 2006


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Jack Yan

Or, your cat may have seen that episode of The Simpsons where Homer opts not to go to church. Watching too many Tom Cruise movies can be hazardous to your health as there are Scientological messages buried inside them.


Oh, you have no idea how that thought soothes my soul. The Simpson:Cruise ratio in this household is infinitely more favourable. I'll cease fretting that Maddy has been sneaking out to some seedy joint playing reruns of that man's movies. Having forced myself to sit through War of the Worlds and MI:3 hoping to catch a glimpse of Tom (and in the case of MI:3, that girl from Felicity) being mortally wounded, I know how traumatic that can be.

Jack Yan

I never saw War of the Worlds because I couldn’t imagine it would be better than the radio version. I admit I enjoyed Mission: Impossible III for the action, but normally I would not pay to see one of Mr Cruise’s movies. They are just too much for my inner alien.

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