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Sep 30, 2006


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Jack Yan

I have found that the people are nice enough for routine enquiries but if, for instance, a dealer has put you on the wrong plan and refuses to do anything about it, the dramas are immense. I have been waiting since March to get an overcharge sorted. It appears on my bill, every month, untouched, despite a monthly telephone call reminding them to sort it out. Of the telcos, this is one of the worst run.


Perahps you should have Kevin Milne chase after them? He seems to like going after our telecommunications companies!

I haven't had to deal with a dealer for my Vodafone connection in several years, since made my first purchase. Though now that I think about it, it was Bellsouth then. I've been lucky to never have had any real problems (despite pouring water over my first phone). Sweet as.

Now, the problems I've had with Telecom, the run around I got trying to buy my mobile broadband card, are a different story. Now, I knew what I wanted, and I knew what was being offered. I went to a dealer, who should have given me this. Instead they either had no clue what they were doing, or they were flat out lying to me to upsell me to a higher plan. I went home, rang Telecom (eventually got through to the right department), confirmed that the dealer was full of crap, and made my purchase direct.

Support for my regular broadband connection has been patchy, and they cancelled an email address when they confirmed they would not. But I've been with Slingshot (admittedly a few years back) and they were pretty darn crap.


Jack Yan

I think my additional problem is that I do not use cellphones, so I have a predisposed dislike of Vodafone et al. These are company ones and I really dislike these gadgets. I inherited one off one of my departed staff members, and use it to text my girlfriend—but that is it. She is the only person in the world to have the number and is under strict instructions not to give it to a soul, except in a life-and-death situation. I never have the thing on me, and probably never will!
   Telecom was meant to set up call diversion most recently, told me it had, and it never worked—till I complained.
   And TelstraClear sent me their magazine and charged me for it, without my ever asking for one—and that took six months to sort out after phoning, faxing and emailing (a written letter worked). They also kept telling me I had set up my connection wrong when I insisted the wiring was faulty—after about three years, they had to admit I was right and sent a Telstra guy in a van over, who also confirmed I was right, and he called another Telstra guy in a van.
   They are all as bad as each other!


You have had it bad! I had those type of problems with my PC, for which I bought an extended warranty. Just as well, it needed it! But I got mucked about something bad, when I needed a replacement. But I'm persistent and insistent, and good at making complaints. I am a squeaky wheel, and I get the oil when I need it.

I'm not big on telephones in general. I have my mobile phone for the times when I need to make a call (or email, take a photo, or find out the time when I'm not wearing my watch). I hate it when it rings, and I love caller ID.

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