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Nov 06, 2006


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[this is good] If only I were as organized as you are, I'd probably be able to eat more of what I purchase.  I discover "new purchases" about a week afterward, hidden behind that pile of packages, and it's rotten.


[this is good] wow.


[this is good] Your fridge is beautiful! I've been thinking about doing something similar for a couple of months now-- your photo has convinced me to stop procrastinating and go for it. The bruised pears at the bottom of my produce drawer thank you in advance!


props for having such an organized fridge.
i wish the one at my house looked like that. hehe.


If you think this is organised, you should see my cupboards. Neat little rows of cans, and everything else, bought forward to the edge of the shelf, like a good librarian places her books. And no, they're not alphabetised. They're ordered by fruit/vegetable/other type. Packages of pasta and rice, next to boxes of couscous and polenta. And yes, more clear containers with blue trim. I'm sure my ordered cupboards are symptomatic of a need to overcome a psychological disorder. Like that I feel when I open my utensil drawer! Every place needs some small amount of chaos... right?


[this is good]

amazingly beautiful.  My fridge looks nothing like that, and I'll admit, I was never so happy as the day my trainer said I could give up yogurt.  In favor of eggs.  But I would love to have such a tidy refridge.  Moving in December, so may have to start then!  ALways good to do it when I already hae to make a fresh start.

Thanks for the ideas!!!

Everyone Loves an Irish Girl

[this is good] hahaah my kitchen is psychotic like this too.  i thought i was the only one. 

funny, i'm NOTHING like that in the rest of the entire house.  just. my. kitchen.

She Unlimited

[this is good] My  surroundings are always "zen" like but the fridge I have nothing to organize, NO FOOD!  


[this is good] You make me look bad with such organization. o.0


[this is good] I don't see any left over pizza.  This is just sick, sick, sick...  please get help soon.


WOW!  i don't think our fridge could ever look that good.  until now, i only thought that was possible on commercial sets where someone is paid to 'dress' it so neatly.

our fridge, although filled with healthy foods, is a nightmare tangle of plastic bags, spills, and forgotten food stuffs. 


I don't really do leftovers. I'm pretty good at preparing just the right amount of food. And if there are extras, it's intentional, and they go in containers or bags and are in the freezer.

And if there is pizza in the house, the chances that there will be any uneaten are incredibly small!


[this is good]

I am jealous of your ability to organize.

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