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Jul 01, 2007


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I've been thinking about getting this book (I have a teeny chihuahua puppy). How are the patterns?


There are some cute patterns (and some hideous ones), but taking a quick look through most of the patterns are suitable for dogs with a "chest measurement" of 10 inches and up, and probably 1/2 on the higher side. The models are mostly mid-sized to large. At the start of the book, there's a chart that suggests that a chihuahua would have a girth of 7 to 10 inches, so I'm wondering if you might need to adjust the patterns some to fit a very small dog.

In terms of design, apart from a few, these are what I'd call "everyday" designs - nothing too fancy or flash (no bow ties, etc). I'm thinking of using the book more as a guide to the size and shape to have something uniquely Maddy, so you might do the same.

I'd definitely see if your library or book shop has it so you can flick through it to see if its for you, rather than order it online site unseen if you can't return it.



Hmm, good to know. Thank you!

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