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Oct 06, 2007


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[ciò è buono] ACK! You're the best ever! I can't wait to get that little face into my arms and smoosh the crap out of him! You should name him for me. I name all my penguins. I feel bad for the other downstream pals, I totally got the best partner! I hope your upstream person is as awesome as you. (if not, I'm totally sending you stuff anyways.)


Hehe, well he was Wilbur as I was knitting him! And he and a couple of little pals are on his way now! I know it's not been much of a surprise so far, so if you want to check out the rest of the family, you can see them here. :-)

I had heaps of fun putting these together - the scarf was over and done with pretty quick, and well, not super exciting to knit (but warm, and practical, and I hope you like it). Finding and making little goodies was definitely the highlight. :-)

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