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Feb 06, 2008


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Carol in WI



Hi, it looks like your comment got cut off?

Carol in WI

Love your slippers.  Have you ever considered making them larger and felting them?  I'd like to try it.


Carol in WI


I'm sure you could! I'm not much into felting, or felted things, so it wasn't
something I considered - I wanted something that would stretch to fit and stay on.


[this is good] ahh, those are so cute, i love the flower on them!  Strangly enough, I don't have any bulky weight yarn in my stash, so I'll have to see if I can find some one of these trips to the store, and see what I can double up to make gauge :)  I am *gonna* make a pair though!  You should add yourself as a designer to ravelry so you can list the pattern there (oh hee hee, you already did, I see it now... going to add to my queue!)


Yep, I did! Still waiting for them to connect the designer page to my profile, but the pattern is here. More pictures on my project page, too.

I only had this one (200g) ball of the 12 ply, too. It's not something I usually buy, and I really wanted to use it up. :-) I'm working on a pair for my Mum now, in a 10 ply, it seems OK for my stitch gauge so far (though I've added a few more stitches because my Mum has slightly bigger feet). I will eventually try some with a double-stranded DK as well, since I have a bunch of that!

I know there's a couple of typos in the pattern still (though the instructions are correct now), but it's a pain to update the PDF - I basically have to make a new one. Eventually!


[this is good]

I like the Flowery Slippers, and I am attempting to put it on my knitting needles, but the question I have is as I read the instructions for the slippers, I find that on Row 60-73, the repeats that you stated seems incorrect.


Corrections are noted on the pattern's Ravelry page (if you do not belong to Ravelry, I definitely recommend you join).

Errata: Rows 60-73 should be repeats of row 58 and 59 (ie. decreasing every second row until 34 stitches remain; the opposite of the increases on the other side).



[esto es genial]

hola,soy de venezuela,me encanta tejer!!!! les agradeceria me enviaran patrones para tejer pantuflas,toreritos,sandalias,botas,y accerios tejidos,se los voy agradecer inmensamente!!!!!!

    todo lo que he visto me encanta,las manualidades son un arte,pero para mi el tejido es una de las mejores!!!!

        mil gracias!!!!!


[this is good] hola soy de chile me gustaria me enviaran en castellano las explicaciones de las pantuflas me encanta tejer para hacerle a mi hija se lo agradeceria antemano


If you have any questions or comments about this pattern (which is available only in English at this time), please visit the pattern page in Ravelry (which also includes errata). http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/plain-or-flowery-slippers


These slippers are cute, different than I've seen. Any time I try to knit or crochet slippers, I lose steam on the second one and rarely finish both. Any tips? Grandma's House Patterns

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