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Mar 03, 2008


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Mama Hughes

Hurray for you.  I know it's easy to get discouraged at first, but look, you made yarn!!!!  Keep at it.  Ask for local help.  You'll get better, you will, and you'll be amazed at how quickly your skills develop.


You've been very busy and persistent with your spinning!


[this is good] oh wow, that's so cool!  good for you, trying this out :)  I think it would be fun, but I'm sure it would be a new hobby that would cost me even more money lol!


It definitely has the potential for being expensive, but the yarn I've spun so far
works out being less a ball that what I might have paid for it (had I been able to find
it), which is a good way of justifying it! :-D

I'm lucky, too, that my Mum has a lot of old fibre she hasn't gotten around to
spinning, which she's sending my way. :-)


I have! I've surprised even myself. :-D 

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