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Jun 15, 2008


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I finished up my jersey in nine days, and now I'm working on a cardi (and a hooded scarf)! I'm definitely on a roll with projects! Though I did buy yarn for more still...Not much spinning action going on, I have to admit.


That blanket is lovely - and the baby booties are adorable! Loved how you displayed them in Rav. :) Definitely love your Vero Tweed Brights, too!

Okay. Enough fangirling. LOL Congrats on getting your jersey done so quickly!!! WOW. That's awesome. Didn't I say enough of this? ;)


Thanks! It's really not like me to finish a jersey so fast (the last one took *months*), but I'm on a bit of a role. I'm already half way through a cardi! I may be under some alien control. Or I might just be bored and cold! ;-)

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