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Jul 15, 2009


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Jewel Lemon

Hi have you thought about maternity homes


Have I thought about maternity homes, as in knitting for maternity homes? No. This specific effort is for the KidsCan charity, which is for school aged children.

Have I thought about maternity homes as in asking maternity home residents to knit beanies for KidsCan? 

New Zealand doesn't really have maternity homes, but if you read my previous post, you'll see that the Creative Fibre organisation I belong to is knitting for Kidz First - a group of children's/neonatal hospitals, which is about as close as it gets. There are plenty of other groups knitting for babies, too.

Poverty, and need, doesn't stop with babies and early childhood - if we want our kids to do well in school and grow up to make a strong country, community and economy, we actually need the kids to get to school, be warm, and healthy. I see a lot of knitted things for bigger kids being sent overseas, which i great, as we recognise that need, too. But as there is a need for these in our own country, which KidsCan is working to fulfil, I think it is important to support them - and that's the aim of the upcoming telethon, and my own effort here.

If you mean, have I thought about maternity homes as in going to one, then absolutely not! I have no plans to have children (I'm an aunt 19 times over, an a great aunt, and that's enough)! 

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